About Us

Dorak Film exists to improve your photo layouts. Tired of seeing poor photo editing (you’ve seen the models with 3 arms or a 3 foot long femur), we decided to start offering our services to amateurs and professionals alike.

Too much damage is done with poor photo editing, and watching treasured photos deteriorate is frustrating. Restoring old photos is absolutely affordable, and so worth it, that we wanted to make sure that everybody knew that they could save these treasures.

Also, with the popularity of home photo editing, many people have become aware of the power of a great editing job. Our state-of-the-art software and cutting-edge hardware, combined with years of experience and professionally trained eyes, can take your photos to the next level.

Professional photographers bring their proofs to us for photo editing. We edit every kind of professionally done photo.

Amateur photographers also depend on us to turn their shots into professionally rendered photos. We’ve helped a lot of people get their start with their own photography studios with our photo editing.
We also can help with your heirloom photos. Those daguerreotypes, and even tintypes, can be restored and duplicated with our skilled efforts, preserving your treasured memories.

Contact Dorak Film today for a consultation on your project.