Acai Berry – Do not Fall For The Scam!

Acai Berry – Do not Fall For The Scam!
Weight loss photo scam

by Senator McCaskill

Scams go and come in the nutritional supplement business, and itis a huge one while seemingly this one has been going on some time. Acai Berry a berry from South America, which like all “wonder foods” before it, guarantees to treat pretty much everything, is right at the heart of a scam which has cost the US public millions of dollars as well as lots of discouragement.

Acai is sold for everything from weight reduction, muscle building, and anti aging, to a treatment for cancer.

Minus of course a fall of actual science to support the claims and advertised as “the world’s No. 1 superfood” and other BS… This scam has two faces, one the merchandise the other, the actual biggie, the manner it is charged. The science is way surpassed by par for the course with such products, the advertising hoopla.

Let Us talk about the charging scam first.

Although not only related to Acai products, this scam has seemingly gone hand in hand with Acai products presumably because people are really so desperate to reduce weight they are going to buy into whatever resembles it’s got the advantage.

The scam frequently goes like this:

You click on some tantalizing advert someplace and locate a site offering a free bottle of merchandise or a web site showing you where you may get a complimentary bottle of the nutritional supplements.

Normally speaking you initially wind up on a fake blog, you can see them a mile away, they are usually called something like “” ( I made that up, no idea if it exists).

The site / site reveals falsified reviews, and before and after pictures of “Janet” which have certainly been edited with applications like Adobe Photo Shop, Janet, incidentally, does not exist, never did, Janet is usually only a stock photo seized from the web, the name a figment of the scammers imagination.

“Janet” then goes on to explain how she attempted everything, blah blah, and how she set up the site only to “help” individuals outside like her, she then goes on to describe how she used this amazing product and ways to get a bottle free of charge as well as lose 30lbs in 30 days.

The sites regularly reveal Youtube videos of Oprah or a major news outlet, allegedly correlating the preposterous claims about the merchandise. Luckily for the scammers I think the videos really click and plays due to the fact that they often get completely nothing related to the claims being made by the web site marketing the item.

In fact it’d appear Oprah and other stars want to sue the companies encouraging Acai using their pictures or indicating they support their ridiculous claims.

Back to the fake blogs.

The man who set this fake blog/web site up subsequently gets paid by the advertiser everytime somebody takes out the complimentary trial. (Notice, I Have also really seen them set up imitation paper sites in addition to web logs, these men are quite catchy).

You Are likely thinking, how can they get paid in the event the item ‘s being given away for free, read on my buddies….

It Is only “FREE” on the surface, it is really anything but FREE.

Hereis the ugly element of the Acai Berry charge scam.

They bill a “nominal fee for shipping and handling”, like $ 5, this has little related to the handling and everything to do with getting your credit card details.

What follows then are unauthorized charge card fees – some up to $ 80 per month – which can not be discontinued.

This has occurred throughout the ‘net, and individuals have needed to cancel their charge cards to get it to quit. Sure, some businesses have gotten nailed for this, but a lot of them get away by it. For instance, based on an ABC News Report:

“FWM Labs, located in Hollywood, Fla., kept a Web site marketing acai capsules. The website offered a “free” sample for a nominal fee for shipping and handling.

What followed, authorities say, were unauthorized $ 80 monthly charge card fees which could not be discontinued.

WPLG, ABC‘s Miami affiliate, attempted to speak to the business in person – and was referred to the organization ‘s lawyers.

Alleged victims said they needed to cancel their charge cards to get prices to quit. FWM eventually consented to pay $ 200,000 in fees, refund millions to customers and cease its supposedly deceptive advertising.”

The Take Home Lesson on the Charge Saga..

Lesson here people, nothing of this nature is really free, so in case you see any of these fake blogs or imitation paper websites offering free merchandise which you have to give your charge card information to cover shipping and handling fees – be it an acai merchandise or other – be cautious.

There Is nothing wrong with paying monthly for legit nutritional supplements, or a wine club or really a plethora of other things but in the event you find yourself at any of these fake blogs subsequently run a mile, “Janet” never existed, your card will be charge for enormous quantities every month, you will not be able to contact the business, they will not require your calls, the only alternative will be to cancel your card.

I should notice that these men running the Acai Berry charge scam additionally rebadge Acai Berry for numerous uses, fat loss, colon cleanse, muscle building, there is even some jogging for penis enlargement and trust boosters. These men come in several types, but the sites are fairly simple to suss out.

So what of acai itself? Yes, itis a berry – like many others – like many such fruits, may have some potential health benefits, and loaded with anti oxidants. It doesn’t have any actual weight reduction effects, WOn’t treat cancer, WOn’t boost your libido, etc.

Food scientist in the U.S., at Texas A&M University, Dr. Steve Talcott sums it up nicely in the ABC News report

“It Is not a wonder berry, sadly. It’s not inferior in antioxidants; it does have an extremely high antioxidant capability. There’s some truly exceptional chemistry to the fruit. But it is not a drug. It is not a wonder, cure all fruit. I mean it is a dietary component. The recommendation would be to integrate these fruits into our diet, however do not use them as drugs.”

Brink Bottom Line: Acai – like most “super foods” that make foolish promises not supported by the science, are normally sold via multi level marketing businesses (MLM) and or fly by night ‘internet based businesses, and my beliefs in both is non existent. Acai, like most dark fruits, berries, etc is high in anti oxidants, and totally healthy as element of an overall nourishment and workout strategy, however do not get swept up in the advertising hoopla, and what ever you do, do not fall for the re bill scam by giving out your credit card information for a “free” bottle of merchandise. If you want to lose weight, just get yourself to your nearest weight loss retreat.

If somebody you trust does not advocate it and it is asking for your card details and you discovered it from some scammy appearing site, then my advice – run a mile in the opposite direction.

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