Baz Luhrmann and “The Great Gatsby”

Baz Luhrmann and “The Great Gatsby”

Something a little different this week. I watched The Great Gatsby over the weekend and I wanted to put out a little review of sorts.

Baz Luhrmann is a world-famous filmmaker whose latest production is a remake of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel, “The Great Gatsby.” Luhrmann is famous for his grand filmography and artistic style that supporters of the novel consider will come to the fore in this remake. While “The Great Gatsby” has several film predecessors, this latest incarnation of the iconic narrative promises to be the most luxurious yet.

“The Great Gatsby” stars Leonardo DiCaprio as the movie ‘s titular character, Jay Gatsby. Carey Mulligan, a youthful and fresh-faced British performer, plays his love interest, Daisy. Tobey Maguire takes the movie ‘s leading man, the character of Nick Carraway and narrator of the story. Nick is a young stockbroker making his way to the very top of the brand new cash picture in the 1920s’ New York, location and a time where the idea of less is never caught on. The burgeoning class of the recently elite is a cutthroat and decadent one, as Nick learns when he’s invited to a renowned bash thrown by the ill-famed Gatsby himself.

As the movie advances, Nick learns he is embroiled in an intricate game between Daisy and Gatsby in which the two star-crossed lovers try to recreate what might have been between them. Headfirst is thrown into a world of lavishness and scandal, encompassed stunning scene, enchanting girls, and by witty banter.

Luhrmann is famous for bringing an artistic and contemporary turn to movies which are derived from timeless stories. He made “Romeo & Juliet,” the scandalous 1996 homage to Shakespeare’s masterly work. The movie was well-known for its steamy on screen love affair between both titular characters, but for a munificent interpretation of Shakespeare’s universe. “Moulin Rouge!” is another Luhrmann movie that’s acclaimed for its lavish scenery, exciting music, and eye catching costumes.

Visuals are among the main elements of Luhrmann’s creation procedure. The filmmaker admits that his love up as the kid of a ballroom dancer inspired for strong, emotional music and stunning visuals. Each of his movies reveals this artistic sense and “The Great Gatsby” guarantees to have all the splendor and style that supporters of Luhrmann’s movies have come to be prepared for from him. The novel is famous for its description of music and style in the 1920s, and lots of readers and literary critics heralded it as among the very most illustrative novels of its own time.

Other sources of inspiration that Luhrmann mentions as crucial to his filmmaking procedure contain the munificent and over the top worlds of Italian opera and Bollywood. Italian opera is famous for its flamboyance both visually and vocally, and opera singers are decked out in stunning colours which help create engaging characters and the most lavish materials. Bollywood is, in addition, well-known for its usage of colours that are bright as well as intricate song and dance numbers that tell a narrative that is remarkable and often funny.

Another fundamental part of Luhrmann’s creation procedure is technology. The filmmaker has partnered in an attempt to combine artistry with technology, with popular technology brand, Samsung. His inspirational procedure is mostly assisted by modern technology and also the capacity to quickly share music and moving pictures. This really is a significant facet of filmmaking, also it lets Luhrmann to readily communicate with all the creative community on the other side of the planet and to economically and effectively get across his vision.

Like any great filmmaker, Luhrmann also puts a major emphasis on narrative. As a screenwriter, his capability to comprehend the written word makes him the perfect match to reinvent this kind of love and iconic written work as “The Great Gatsby.” A director must understand which components of the narrative are critical and which may detract from the viewing experience to interpret this novel on the display. Luhrmann has shown that he’s more than competent in this area with his previous movies, so lovers of “The Great Gatsby” can rest easy knowing their cherished characters are in great hands.

“The Great Gatsby” guarantees to be a lavish matter fit for the acquired tastes of its own titular character. With lavish visual style and Luhrmann’s artistic flair, the roaring 20s are set to come alive as they never have!

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