Wrapping Up Our Newest Project and Marketing Opportunities

Wrapping Up Our Newest Project and Marketing Opportunities


After four years of filming, a documentary on the war in Afghanistan is nearing completion. Our team of journalists and cameramen have been in Kabul and the surrounding area, interviewing American and coalition forces as well as civilians whose lives have been directly affected by the day to day battles that remain ongoing.

With upwards of 100,000 soldiers already back home from the Afghanistan and Iraqi war zones, we wanted to explore the lives of the young men and women in full deployment mode. Over the course of the filming of this documentary, it has been discovered that one out of every eight soldiers returning from the war suffer from PTSD. This film will not only give viewers a view of life in modern-day trenches, it will help to remind them the roots of pride and angst that often rend the minds and souls of our veterans.

From Kabul to Bagrami, and from Azrow to Jalalabad, viewers will be able to follow our soldiers. Original battle footage, unaired on the news channels, will be edited right along with footage of dinner with a Jalalabad doctor and his family who played host to members of the filming team.

Our crews have seen, and filmed scenes fit for the most adventurous action movies. And, while none of our crew has been injured, we have regrettably seen the loss of some of the soldiers to whom we have grown close.

Some of the most moving scenes in the film will involve American soldiers interacting with local children, playing soccer while in full battle garb, and teaching a group of boys the fundamentals of baseball.

Our soldiers have built schools, helped to rebuild mosques and churches alike, and escorted children to school, all as if it were in the soldier’s job descriptions. In this film, you will see, first hand, the gratitude of some Afghanis to the efforts of our soldiers, as well as the hatred held against them due to the soldiers’ very presence in this foreign land.

With four years worth of film in the can, editing will soon take place in safer climes. Our partnership with marketing company LogicalJack is gearing up to pitch to Streamline Pictures and Filmways, both partners with Orion Films as well as a huge online marketing campaign. Logicaljack have much experience in the online marketing area of things, so we’re looking forward to what they can bring to the table. I’m sure with their marketing expertise DorakFilm is in good hands.

Executives at American International Pictures have also expressed interest in our project, and our marketing firm will be talking to this studio, which produces such classics as “I Was a Teenage Werewolf” and “The Island of Dr. Moreau”.

Logging of the dailies has already begun, and first assembly is expected to begin within the next three months. With the wealth and variety of footage acquired, we expect the first assembly to take about a year. Fit in there, somewhere, will be the rough cut.

Hopefully, within the next 18 months, we will have the final cut to take to our music and sound effects department.


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