How Pictures Started in Hollywood

How Pictures Started in Hollywood
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by marcozanon

These days the greatest films being made come mainly from India, China and America. These states are leading the way with some of them relying greatly on the movie industry as a wholes film generation.

The film industry in America comprise of film production companies, film studios, film festivals, movie stars, directors and other film staff that are mainly located in California. Collectively they’re a part of what’s known through the planet as Hollywood.

Across the globe, Hollywood is regarded as the centre of the movie industry. It’s situated in the Downtown region of Los Angeles. Nearly all the movie stars live around the Hollywood hills region. The world’s eyes are turned to the region for glamour and the scene enclosing the films.

D.W. Griffith came out to California in 1910 with a film crew, sent by the Biograph Company, to shoot footage in the region. They shortly started filming on a vacant lot in downtown Los Angeles and advanced. The film company started investigating the outlying territories, and quite quickly found that the area was quite friendly and perfect for shooting on picture. Portion of the motivator to movie there was the never-ending hours of sunshine and temperate weather.

Griffith subsequently shot the movie In Old California, which is broadly regarded as the first ever movie to be shot in Hollywood. The movie company made a decision to stay there for some more hours to shoot at several of their movies, before returning to New York.

In 1913, many more moviemakers began heading into California to benefit from the perfect filming states the region had to offer. It was at this time the Hollywood film industry started and is considered as its arrival.

The first ever movie studio in Hollywood was the Nestor Studios which were founded in 1911. The film? The Squaw Man? Was made around this time. More movie studios went to the region and in Los Angeles no time and especially Hollywood grew at a page that was sensational. Finally this place epitomes the movie industry as a whole and became quite firmly related to the pictures.

It was during the First World War yet that Hollywood actually came into it?s own and was seen as the film capital of the planet. By the 50?s, a lot of the nation?s movie industry had moved to Hollywood, as well as the music business was starting to follow suite.

The famed Hollywood sign originally read Hollywoodland, was built in 1923, initially meant as an ad for a new housing development in your community. It was left to rot away, until in 1949 the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce remedied the signal, removing the last four letters. The sign found at Mount Lee, is a brand that is registered.

Everyone sees Hollywood as the movie capital of the planet, and all eyes turn to the town for it?s stars and showbiz, particularly for special occasions such as the Oscars.

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