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Dorak Film is your leading photography website. We offer professional photo editing, photo restoration, and can convert your black and white photos to color. We also fix torn and damaged images, so that you have flawless portraits and landscapes for remembrance and reference.

Why Do You Need Dorak Film?

There are many do-it-yourself programs for photo editing, so why do you need Dorak Film?
The excellent photo editing programs on the market today enable you to accomplish special effects and some color and lighting corrections. This is a great option for those who make memory books or prepare their own Christmas cards.
However, there is only so much you can do with amateur software, non-specialized hardware, and an untrained eye. At Dorak Film, we take your photo editing and restoration to a new level. Do you have products you need displayed to their full potential? Dorak Film can do jewelry and product retouching, so that sparkly gems look sparkly, and fluffy coats look fluffy.

For Amateurs and Professionals, Alike

Whether you need a snapshot of your grandfather touched up, or your wedding photos edited, our services can provide you with the shots you always wanted.
For smooth, professional work, you need to hire a professional. Dorak Film provides services to both amateur and professional photographers, working with skin retouching, changing and cleaning up of backgrounds, enhancing various aspects of the shot, and RAW conversion.
Professional photographers may frame a picture perfectly. The lighting in a studio may be just right, but outside shots are often lacking. Much of our work at Dorak Film consists of helping professional photographers clean up their work, adjusting lighting and backgrounds.
Companies come to us to clean up the images used in their brochures and company profile pages, as well as their web sites. Advertising agencies bring their ad spreads to us to make sure the images will go out properly, with the right emphasis and clarity.
Amateurs bring their shots to us for the same reasons. Contrast, exposure, RG balance, depth of field, all can be cleaned up to make a photo show what you wanted it to show in the first place.

Photo Restoration

Photos from the 1960s and 1970s have usually faded, losing their red tones, first. In those days, photos were seldom printed on acid-free paper, so the colors tend to deteriorate quickly. In addition, these photos are often not preserved in acid-free containers, further contributing to fading colors and deteriorating edges.
Photo restoration can bring back the full glory of those colors, and enable the photo editor to restore sections of the photo that you thought were lost forever.
Black and white photographs and sepia tone as well, can be restored as well, and colorized if you wish. Dorak Film has sophisticated software that will produce like-new photos.
You can upload your photos to our website, and let us give you an estimate. Once you reach an agreement, we can begin to retouch and restore your photos for you.

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