What is High End Retouching?

What is High End Retouching?

Professional photographers and studios usually need high end retouching for their work. They certainly have the professionalism to shoot outstanding photos, and they have cutting-edge equipment that produces the finest photographs. However, it takes the involvement of equally talented and well-equipped photo editors to bring perfection to the results.

Beauty Retouch

There are several facets involved in high end retouching. The photo editor will smooth the model’s skin and remove any blur in the photo. He should be able to tackle any photo, whether it is full-length or a head shot. In addition, he will be able to morph the figures as necessary, lengthening necks, adding width between the eyes, and change of other features as necessary.

Hair can be retouched, as well, filling in tin spots, fluffing out styles, and removing stray strands that distract from the balance of the shot. Eyes can be equalized, brows arched, lips made fuller or narrower as desired, and noses streamlined.

Clothing can also be made to “fit” better with high end retouching. There are often folds in cloth that are not as flattering as the photographer would like. There might be a collar that is a little too high, or a hem length that is uneven, not carrying the fabric as it should. A skilled photo editor can clean up all of this, bringing balance and polish to the finished product.


There are special projects that require more extensive manipulation of elements of the photo. This requires special equipment and experience. You may want changes in depth of field, or specially manipulated backgrounds. Some glamour can be very intricate, and falls into the category of high end retouching.

Products and Jewelry

Another category of high end retouching is with product and jewelry catalogues and advertisements. Inanimate objects are very difficult to photograph. Many photographers will arrange a still life, as in art, but such artistic treatment is not possible in the high-volume arena of product marketing. This is when the photo editor works his magic.

Products that would sit in a box on a shelf need special treatment through skilled photo editing in order to translate well to the viewer. The editor will adjust contrast, RB balance, and lighting to bring the item to its greatest clarity. He can also “fluff” fur, clean up creases in fabric, and adjust the backgrounds so that the items stand out.

With jewelry, it is easy for blur and glare to obscure the item. A photo editor can clean up the blur, increasing contrast so that individual details of the jewelry stand out. The result is an item of jewelry that looks as if it pops off of the screen or page.

Photo editors work with professional photographers and amateurs, as well. From single head shot photos to catalogue layouts, your editor can bring the photos to life.

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